brooklyn floral

Secondhand Brooklyn sweatshirt | Navy and gold statement belt and Floral skirt from my mother’s wardrobe | Earrings from Sass Diva | Navy pointed heels from Call It Spring
Photography by Stephanie O’Connor 

I am so lucky that my mother never threw anything away, because having access to beautiful garments like this floral skirt and belt wouldn’t be possible if she had. Giving clothing, accessories and shoes a second fashion life is one of my favourite style tips, which is why I enjoy thrift shopping a lot. People always ask me how I find such interesting and good quality pieces and my answer is always that the key to thrift shopping is to manage your expectations and be patient. If I could tell you about the number of times I have found a pair of leather booties that I would die for in that moment, but aren’t in my size, or have gone out looking for a pair of leather pants or something like that and I can’t find them anywhere, you would probably be frustrated for me.
However, the reason why I don’t find myself getting frustrated by fruitless foraging is because of the many times I have been minding my own business, window shopping or simply out sourcing for a shoot and found incredible dresses, timeless purses and one of a kind jackets. It’s all about when it is meant to come to you.

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