diy denim x manthe ribane

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a pair of jeans by Mr Price to customise in the spirit of DIY fashion. DIY fashion has become more accessible. We are seeing more customising and the creation of clothes and accessories that are wearable with a finished product look. With bloggers like Ivania Carpio of Love-Aesthetics giving readers step-by-step instructions of how to DIY, it has become increasingly easier for readers to individualise their clothing, recycle and be on trend.
As a recovering perfectionist, being challenged to DIY a pair of skinny jeans from Mr Price overwhelmed me. I immediately became the university version of myself. A version of myself that spent hours redoing things because they were not perfect, repainting a pair (okay, I lie… pairs) of Converse sneakers for a design project until they looked like they were almost not done by hand.
Once the masses of material (bought in indecision) and the test runs were completed on old pairs of jeans, the broken needles, bent pins and frayed denim, studs and transparent plastic (inspired by Ivania Carpio’s Floating Denim) all came together in a pair of jeans I am pretty proud of, and which looked pretty dope on the lovely Manthe Ribane.
After reminding myself how to work smarter, I have some DIY tips for everyone wanting to start stitching, pinning, painting, studding, tearing, punching, glueing and bleaching their denim pieces. Essentially these tips are a collation of all the things I have learned from my DIY bloggers friends and Pinterest pinners.
1. Plan: A little bit of planning, sketching and mood boarding will make the process and results a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
2. Test: If you have a pair of jeans or a t-shirt that you’d like to be the end product, it is always best to do a test run on another less precious item so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. Believe me, I learnt a couple of Converse sneakers later that test runs are essential.
3. Don’t fixate on it looking perfect and store bought. Luckily for you and me, the customised item of clothing will actually only be seen when worn by you. So no one will see all that stitching on the inside of the jeans.
4. Be inspired by the net, appropriate where necessary and be creative.
Here are some of my favourite DIY blogs:

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