Ponds Age Miracle Review

A couple of months ago, I was sent a product pack of POND’S newest skin care collection, POND’S Age Miracle. It has taken me this long to do a blog post about it because I really didn’t want to be one of those people who write about something without trying it first. Plus I really needed to know that my hyper sensitive skin wasn’t going to react to the products. In addition to the fact that I wanted to try and believe in the product range first, my Peter Pan complex also made me a little bit hesitant to post about the Age Miracle range because it is after all POND’S first anti-ageing range, and when you have a Peter Pan complex, like I do, you believe that you are young forever, and you somewhat refuse to acknowledge that you are no longer a spring chicken.

With all of that being said and almost empty tubes and tubs of product lying in my bathroom cabinet, this product range, which promises to help women over the age of 35 fend off the hands of Father Time, is a good way to get a head start on fending off the effects of ageing, and at 28, I think getting a head start can do no harm.Favourites of mine from the product range include the Age Miracle Cell Regenerating™ Facial Foam, which smells good, feels gentle, even though it contains microbeads, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry or too moisturized or hydrated (if that makes sense), but rather my skin feels as I imagine it should.
My daily regiment has also included the POND’S Cell Regenerating™ Toner and the Cell Regenerating™ Day Cream SPF 15, which feels light yet substantial on application and, with sun protection included, it fits in with my ‘wear sunscreen or die’ philosophy (my father is a dermatologist – so sunscreen is a must in our household).
Other products in the range include a Deep Action Night Cream, an Intensive Cell Regenerating™ Serum and a Dual Action Eye Cream.

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