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Local is Lovely… you thought I was going to say ‘Lekker” didn’t you? Well, Thithi doesn’t use words or phrases like that. First spotted on Twenty Two’s Fashion Fridays invitation; the phrase local is lovely is the perfect way to describe my little shopping journey through South Africa’s fashion industry: Shop South Africa.

Just before he headed out to Milan, Jamal Nxedlana the creator of Missshape answered a couple of questions about Missshape and the fashion industry for my Shop South Africa content slot. A proud owner of a Missshape wetsuit skirt I am really impressed at the quality of the garment and looking back on the images from his runway collection at SA Fashion Week, I find myself incredibly envious of the two ladies who managed to get their hands on the quilted skirts shown in the show.

When I first met you a couple of years ago, you were doing several things within the creative field, but always almost linked to fashion, I recall you doing a performance art piece once at Dirty Secret. Tell us about that journey and how it has all culminated in Missshape
The last few years have been a major learning curve. I have been able to develop as a creative, working with lots of different people and experimenting with various mediums. Most of the projects I’ve been involved in were driven by interest, passion and opportunity. I approached Missshape in the same way…just a bit wiser.
If you were to describe Missshape in three words, what would those words be?
Work In Progress
What are the challenges that South African designers, retailers and those in the business of fashion face with regards to the South African consumer and their perception of homegrown locally produced product?
I think the problem lies with the fashion industry. The consumers’ perception reflects that of the industry, it’s how the industry sees itself that needs changing.
Why are you going to Milan? So jealous!!! 
I was invited to take part in “Made In Italy” an initiative by eThekwini Municipality. The idea is to expose South African designers to Italy’s culture of fashion with a focus on luxury and their industries collaboration with local artisans. So I’m going to be here for two months, touring Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome) attending fashion shows, visiting factories/studios, doing a short course at SAE Comunicatzione Integrata and showing my work at some trade shows.
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