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At the end of last year my iPhone4S got stolen out of my bag. The minute I realised that I was without smartphone, without Apps like Instagram and all my photos and that my bunny iPhone cover was gone, I rushed home and tracked my phone to some really dodgy block of flats in Hillbrow. I know what you are thinking… Don’t call it dodgy just because it is in Hillbrow Thithi… All I am saying is that the policeman I was watching my computer screen with basically told me to let the phone go when he saw where it stopped to rest in peace.
Fast foward to 2013, I have given up on finding a bunny iPhone cover for my iPhone 5, so whilst not as cute and endearing as my iPhone4S because of that simple factor, I am obsessed with my iPhone for a whole other reason now… Pose.

Okay, yes, I know I am like a couple of years late on the Pose craze, but I am so addicted to this new fashion community I am part of it’s almost worrying. Instead of waking up to check my Twitter timeline or say hello to my friends on our What’sApp group chat, I wake up to see how many new people are following me on Pose, how many people have loved my pose and to see if any of the Posers I follower have uploaded anything new. My addiction and seriousness about Pose is also fueled by the fact that I have been chosen by Pose to be featured in the International Style Category. I know it sounds like nothing, but to put it into perspective Pose is one of the most popular outfit sharing social networks, with thousands of users joining everyday. When you join Pose, you get asked some questions about your style and your tastes and Pose recommends some people for you to follow and long story short I am one of those people, alongside bloggers and celebrities like Rachel Zoe, supermodel Coco Rocha, E!Entertainment presenter Catt Sadler and Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller.

I won’t lie I got excited when I got the email. Find me on Pose under teeteenteta!

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