Interview: Thando Moleketi

She’s the classiest lady I know and one of the kindest friends I have. Thando Moleketi and I became friends last year and since the group trip to New York we took with some other girls we know, I have been blessed enough to call her a close friend. Super funny in an unexpected way, unbelievably organised and the reason why I love tequila even more than I used to, please meet Thando Moleketi of the JoziFoodieFix. Read her blog and follow her on Twitter because she is awesome

Q:Do you own anything that you absolutely can’t get rid of?
A:I am a hoarder (not reality tv hoarder material thankfully) but there are quite a few things I can’t get rid of. Mostly books, foreign currency and coins, clothes I don’t wear and single earrings because I always lose one of the pair.
Q:Where is your favourite place to be?
A: In two weeks the answer will be the quiet of my apartment, I’m a first time homeowner and moving out of home for the first time too. New York for the RAMEN, the energy, the variety from a food and cuisine perspective but also the people. It’s a truly diverse city, there’s something for everyone and for every side of me.I love the bush for the calm, The Kruger National Park, fresh air, animal sounds and waking up at 5am to track the big five. For sun and sea Mozambique up North Inhambane, where my roots are, or Vilancoulos.
Q:What would you like to be good at?
A: As in something that I’ll never be good at? I would’ve loved to have been a dancer, like a professional dancer good and not stuck between having slight rhythm and rhythmically challenged. Practically, I wish I was more technologically savvy and I plan to work on that.
Q:How do your clothes and your style connect to your lifestyle?
A: Honestly it really depends on my mood and what I’m channeling that day. I’m also obsessive so I may love an item in my wardrobe and just wear it repeatedly or buy said item in multiple colours. I have recently left my 9 – 5 so my clothes and style is more casual now, slouchy pants, white tees and mostly in heels. But I do try to put things together well because you just never know who you’re likely to bump into. Oh and I may or may not be labelled by friends as the bandage dress queen lol (Yes you are my friend!) 

Q:What makes you happy?
A: I am on the pursuit of happiness, so this is not and shall never be one specific thing or an exhaustive list. Or maybe I find happiness in many small things. But these are the things that make me happiest!
My goddaughter Sierra, she’s almost 2 and AMAZING!
My family.
Traveling with family and friends.
Cooking for my favourites and the resulting great conversations we share at the table over food and a little tipple.
Food! A great home cooked meal, dining out, a great flat white and an unexpected foodie find.
Seeing my friends and family thrive and realise their dreams
Succeeding and self actualising
Being in Love

Photography by Thithi Nteta
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