THE WKND SOCIAL March 2013 Style

This past weekend The Collective hosted its fifth edition of THE WKND SOCIAL a monthly inner city brunch movement that is all about good food, good people and good music. Although I don’t remember much (those Gordon’s cocktails had me faded before I even made it to the after party at Puma Social Club) and I didn’t eat at all during brunch at Narina Trogon; I do know that there were some really good looking and well dressed people in attendance.

I spotted a lot of camo, prints on prints. textured items like the yellow skirt pictured below, chambray – the best denim-esque fabric out there for summer, white denim and summer sneakers like air max sneakers. Looking and documenting what real people are wearing is always an interesting exercise for me, because it isn’t really what is in the magazines and on tv.

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