i finally know why i loved clive rundle…not a peplum in sight

I finally know why I loved Clive Rundle’s SAFW summer 2013 collection. There wasn’t a peplum in sight. Obviously, this wasn’t the only reason, but as I look back on the images from his incredibly interesting collection on Thursday night I find myself smiling because of the lack of the ever popular ladylike peplum. 
One day I will dedicate an entire post to my emotions around the peplum, but not today. Today,  this post is about how Clive Rundle is a genius and how I stood in that hot Take 2 installation room riveted and engrossed, as each model walked on and sat or stood around the bench / chair whilst their photographs were snapped and projected on the screen behind them, and a recorded voice asked us, as if we were in the process of an ink blot test what we see. Open interpretation of his works of art was what this collection was about.
At first I was amused at how every third image that appeared on the screen behind the models looked like an advertising campaign image, then I looked at the individual pieces that made up his looks as they appeared on the screen and thought those pants are incredible, that woven jacket is boss, that vest with the yellow dot in the middle could work in my wardrobe. 

Photography credit: Ivan Naude
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