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Shelflife Store co-founder Dr.Zulu has just launched his new signature brand entitled DRZ&Co. Shortly after receiving his email I sent him an email to ask “who is “&Co” and was the “&Co” meant to be a means to leave leeway for collaborative ventures?” To which he promptly replied “Exactly right…but also with this project (unlike some of my other creative ventures) I cannot begin to create this without a team of people involved. In production, marketing, retail sales etc etc…Its a collaboration at every stage along the way.” 
As an internationally established artist, designer and entrepreneur it was only a matter of time that Dr.Z aka “DR.ZVLV”  who has collaborated with brands like  Nike, Puma, New Balance, JB Classics, K-Swiss, Sneaker Pimps, KiksTYO, New Era and Montana spray-paint, ventured out and created his own streetwear brand.  
His first prototype range consists of high-quality mens garments and accessories, to which I asked “what about the ladies? I mean I love wearing menswear but for some ladies if it don’t say female it ain’t getting bought.” Dr Z then assured me that he’ll be producing female specific sized garments as a result of all the small sizes having been bought by the ladies thus far. DRZ&Co is currently available from Shelflife (119 Loop St Cape Town).

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