that’s the ish I do like!

All the way from Berlin to Johannesburg, this is what I liked on Instagram this week:
@anelisamangcu’s feature in Seventeen Magazine
@dorothyamuah’s quote was funny because I can’t believe these people are still singing to some weird storyline that doesn’t even really make sense
@iampaulward’s Bread & Butter Berlin post… Gutted I am not there
@hakesy_vet_ket’s post titled: This is how Berlin girls do sneakers
@sharonjaned a photographer from Amsterdam who had a live growing exhibition at Bread & Butter Berlin with Paul Ward
@niccisaintbruce cos she’s a bad bish and the time I got to spend with her in PE was precious. She’s a keeper in the friend department
@antheaknowsbest because she knows best and because she is a scorpio and a bad bish and when she posted this I had just placed an order for the same 2Bop beanie
@mkayfrash and I at the Nike Lebron Denim launch at Shesha laughing at some dumb ish
@yoapetown because this picture is just dope
@hardymac’s picture of @hakesy_vet_ket and @streetbaus repping 2Bop in Berlin
@patta_nl’s post on the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin. So pretty
@elmakapelma’s post with her pretty floral blouse. I am a fan
@cocogodi because puppy smell is the best smell ever. Even better than baby smell
@papamoshe because I met him at Back To The City and him and his Pretoria based crew interest me
@cuthus with her boo @loyiso because I love love
@hakesy_vet_ket with the founder of Sneakerness. That’s just cool.

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– @teeteenteta

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