Drinking and Eating in NYC Never Ends

Before I left for New York City, I had planned to come here and have a completely different experience to the one I had last year. I planned to run around Central Park (I took a morning walk) and across the Brooklyn Bridge, eat healthy, drink less, keep the shopping to a minimum and do some touristy things. So far I have succeeded somewhat, except for the drink less part because margarita’s are so good here and happy hours are way to much fun to pass up, as well as the eating healthy goal because good food is so delicious, varied and of abundance in New York, I marvel at how people aren’t fat here. Even with all the walking, I have found myself stuffing myself to the brim because I know I won’t experience this amount of good eating in South Africa.
From pastas at some random restaurant in Little Italy, a neighbourhood in lower Manhattan, filled with Italian eateries and Italian people; to my new favourite place on earth Momofuku, the wide array of Mexican spots serving heavy handed margarita’s and Jerk chicken at places like Miss Lily’s, it is quite difficult to ever be full in New York. I would normally never grab an ice cream cone at 21:30 in the evening, but where else when Big Gay Ice Cream is open till midnight?

The one thing that really stuck with me about NYC,  is the amount of queuing and pre booking one has to do to experience some of the foodie world’s most popular food fads. For instance, I never thought I was the type to stand in a queue to have ice cream, but then again I don’t think I have had ice cream and ice cream sandwiches that were as good as the ones I had a Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Being back in Johannesburg, I realised that I really do love Joburg, but the only thing it is missing is the ability to entertain and feed you endlessly. Wanting to go out for a night cap and good evening out in Johannesburg, normally requires a certain amount of planning, as oppose to the quick perusal of Urban Daddy or Google search with the phrase: “bars and things to do in Williamsburg, NYC”that one can do in a busy, full and alive city like New York. That’s how we found Berry Park, a great bar with a rooftop bar section that made us want to teleport the entire venue to Johannesburg to use for THE WKND SOCIAL. There we drank the very popular Huckleberry Lemonade (it has vodka in it…), talked, laughed and waited to round our night off at Bembe, a couple of thigh muscle building blocks away.

Another random find was a place called Sophia’s of Little Italy, where we filled our now taco immune stomachs with pasta and wine, and laughed at how the neighbourhood transformed after we crossed over from Soho to an Italian inspired world. That’s the thing about New York, you never know what you are going to discover a street or block down.

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