Momofuku, NYC

Momofuku bun
Thithi is only a foodie in New York.

On Wednesday I had the most amazing meal in the world ever. After a late start to the day because getting six grown people out of an apartment with air conditioning into the sweltering heat of New York City is actually quite a mammoth task, we all headed out to grab lunch at Momofuku, NYC. Starving because we hadn’t had anything for breakfast, but coffee and yoghurt if you were lucky enough, we all eagerly headed to Momofuku – which means lucky peach – for what promised to be an epic ramen experience according to Thando Moleketi of JozFoodieFix. Decisions were made quite quickly and our table was very quickly  filled with ramen, grape vodka infused slushy type drinks, steamed buns with delicious things like shiitake, hoisin and scallion and the most deliciously smoked chicken wings I have ever had. If you are ever in New York you need to go to Momofuku, the address is 171 first avenue, btwn 10th + 11th street , New York, NY 10003. You won’t regret the taste orgasm you will experience, and nothing will ever taste the same again. You will simply expect more from the food you eat.


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