BuchuLife First Aid Gel

You know in that awful movie The Host, when they used that spray stuff to heal wounds? I have recently discovered my own version of that stuff: Buchu Life’s First Aid Gel. It doesn’t come in some weird silver alien like container, but in a transparent plastic tube. It is not some weird spray but an organic natural smelling gel that took a cut I had on my toe from gaping and painful to healed and healthy in literally a day. I won’t ruin your lives by posting before and after pictures of my toe, but I will tell you about the super ingredient in this gel that has super alien healing powers: Buchu oil.

Long story short and boring scientific information aside, as with anything really good on this earth the Buchu plant was discovered by the Khoi-San people. Buchu oil which is extracted from the Buchu plant is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and hypertension treatment, that was used to treat ailments such as headaches, stomach disorders, common colds, cholera and bilharzia before modern medicine figured out how to capsule it, extract it and package it. Now you can purchase Buchu oil products from Buchu Life based in Cape Town in the form of water, topical gels and capsules.

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