Finally… Part2 Of My Favourite Beauty Products

A couple of months ago I posted part 1 of my favourite beauty products and today I am finally sharing part 2 of my favourite beauty products with you, because I was starting to feel a bit like those people who send Save The Date’s but never actually send an invitation to their event.

(6) Dermopal Sunscreen SPF 30

Wearing sunscreen is an absolute necessity in spring and summer. I recommend applying a sunscreen that doesn’t contain Titanium Dioxide or investing in a really good BB cream. As a person with a darker skin tone, sunscreens that contain Titanuim Dioxide tend to leave a silver grey looking residue upon application, which when combined with the moisture of your sweat from the heat doesn’t look attractive at all. Whilst most BB creams on the market do contain Titanium Dioxide, the silver grey residue in them is masked by the lightweight foundation making it a good all purpose beauty product to use in spring summer months. However, I like to keep it simple and Dermopal Sunscreen SPF 30 feels light on your skin and doesn’t have that overbearing sunscreen smell, you know the one I am talking about, so it is my sun protection of choice.

(7) Nyx: The Curve 

This ergonomically shaped liquid liner is as the website says: mistake proof. I got gifted this eyeliner, so I am not sure where to find it, which makes me really sad for when I run out of it, but you can literally make the most perfect slim lines on your eyelid.  Watch this video to see just how amazing this ish is.

(8) MAC Up The Amp Lip Colour 

This is truly one of my favourite summer lip colours. Perhaps it is because it reminds me of New York summers, as that is when I first started wearing it. Some people don’t get, some people do and with these magenta braids I fee like a doll in Up The Amp.

(9) Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is not just good for cooking, it literally possesses the ability to replace a whole range of other beauty products in your bathroom cabinet. I am obsessed with coconut oil, because I am easily taken by anything that has multiple uses, because I am a value for money kind of girl. I have been using coconut oil as an eye make up remover because my eyes are really sensitive, a hair conditioner and as I discovered in New York the best light weight moisturizer one can find. Upon application, you are quite shiny and it seems as if the coconut oil will aid perspiration, but instead it locks in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated whilst providing a minimal sun protection of SPF 4.

(10) Water

I am a basic bish and if there is one thing I know like the script for Clueless, is that when I stop drinking water my skin gives me a major middle finger and tells me I am being a bad girl by erupting with all sorts of weird spot like things. I like the taste of water, but my friend and fellow blogger Vie doesn’t so her solution is to pour a splash of lime into her glass of water to make it bearable. Other things you can chuck in there include: fresh mint leaves, strawberries or orange slices. Either way dehydration isn’t cool and one can’t possibly drink cocktails and soft drinks their entire life.

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