Top 13 favourite things from 2013

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2013 was one of those ‘learning curve’ type of years. As I draft this blog post I am sitting amongst family, post a six day retreat in Tsitsikama with 50 family members, relatives and family friends. I am thinking about my bungee jumping experience and comparing it to how I felt  just before I left Red Bull in October 2012 to work for myself and to how I feel about some of the plans I have for 2014. So, it is no surprise that bungee jumping off the worlds highest jump bridge in Bloukrans at 216 metres made my top 13 favourite things of 2013 list which, by the way, is completely random and based off of nothing other than these things came to mind when I started drafting the list.
From THE WKND SOCIAL, which has taught me patience to Coconut Oil, which I literally almost use on everything from food to my skin to my new appreciation for delicious food after going to Momofuku, New York and my rekindled obsession with Beyoncé, 2013 has given a lot to work with in 2014.
My list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include shoes – and if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will pretty much know that I am nothing currently without my gold Nike Air Max 1s which I paid a mini fortune for because of customs. There is nothing better than a dress of piece of clothing that you feel comfortable in and know you look really good in, which is why my fringed t-shirt dress from RVCA made it onto the list. I have literally worn this dress so many times since I got it, that I am going to force myself to fold it away and give it a break in a couple of weeks from now.

Looking forward to a 2014, just as full of lessons as 2013 and to making sure that I have just as much as I had this year learning them.

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