Flashback Friday: Travelling with your friends

“I travel not to go to anywhere. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

This a quote that my youngest sister wrote in the birthday card she gave to me to feed my newly rekindled wanderlust, and what I perfect quote to embody one of my top priorities this year: travel more… hopefully with the people I love.

Travelling with friends is one of those things I used to be afraid to do until 2012 when I travelled with a group of 10 or so girls to New York City. I was afraid to do it because whilst friends are the family you chose… they are also not your family. As in your blood.  So you can’t exactly have the types of honest, somewhat abrasive discussions or arguments you have with your siblings with them and then go back to continuing the day as if nothing happened. It’s weird, but true. When you are travelling, you need to be able to just be blatantly honest because on a 14 day trip that cost you however much money, one can’t afford to not do what they want to do, see what they want to see and lie on the beach if they want to instead of going hiking or quad biking and what not. And you need to be able to do it all without having someone mope about or scowl at you for making a decision that doesn’t align with theirs.

Then what’s the point of travelling with your friends?

Well, I wouldn’t have the memory of a wild club night in New York that ended in a long cab ride back to the apartment because we were looking for a place serving Middle Eastern food at 3am in the morning to laugh about if I was alone in that cab. I probably would have given up and grabbed a $1 slice of pizza round the corner from the apartment, but because there we were all in the back of the cab, the ridiculous idea to go searching for Middle Eastern food, drunk at 3am seemed plausible and logical.

Walking through Soho and spotting a creepy old mad fast asleep on an abandoned couch would have been insignificant if I was travelling alone, but because I had people to share that weirdly funny sighting with, it turned into a photoshoot and a memory that we can still laugh about today.

Fried chicken and biscuits from Hybird at the Chelsea Market, 6am queuing with Thando of Jozi Foodie Fix outside Dominique’s as we waited to get a Fig Mascarpone Cronut and a sugar rush from the Madeleines and Magic Souffle, walking around Picasso’s exhibition at MoMA with Tumi of TumiMohaleHere singing Jay’z Picasso Baby would all hold a slightly less sentimental place in my memory bank had I been travelling without my friends.

I guess the perfect answer to the the question what’s the point of travelling with your friends, is that you can’t really enjoy Happy Hour alone…

  • Alicia Mackin
    Posted at 16:41h, 17 January Reply

    Haha I knew this had to be a flash back you all were dressed for summer! You looked like you had a great time and had some fabulous food.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • Thithi Nolubabalo Nteta
    Posted at 11:30h, 18 January Reply

    Hey Allie!

    I am petrified of NY in winter from what I have heard. Lol! I am all about warm weather… Definitely a throwback to the sweltering heat of summer in NYC!

    Thanks for sharing your link. Lovely blog!

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