Lip Service

Wearing lipstick everyday is one of those things that grown ups do. I remember my mother having a slightly nude and pink hue on her lips almost everyday and seeing it on the rims of coffee cups and glasses of water.¬†Searching for an every day lip colour has been quite a tiresome exercise for me. A couple of years I thought I had found it in Tom Ford’s Casablanca, but its rosy pinkness is what I soon grew to dislike as I started to desire a more nude look and the general problem with nude lip colours is that they are often created as nude in relation to a white skin tone.

For those of us with darker skin, olive tones or whatever you want to call it to be politically correct, I have found a “nude” hue for you: Taupe by M.A.C Cosmetics, which basically looks like coffee with two and a half spoons (not teaspoons) of milk in. It’s only possible flaw, but its total perfection to me, is that it is matte.

Then last week I was lucky enough to be gifted two Gosh Kiss Me! lip balm sticks which claimed to have the colour of lipstick and provide the moisture of well… a lip balm. The part I was doubtful about was the colour like lipstick part, especially of the Innocent Kiss shade which is basically the natural/nude option. Perfume and paraben free (paraben’s are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries) the Innocent Kiss lip balm stick basically gives a slightly less natural nude because it resembles a cup of tea with four and half spoons (not teaspoons) of milk in it. It’s lipgloss shine also makes it the perfect product to slick over M.A.C’s Taupe to add slight gloss to the matte lip colour for a slightly more evening look.

Do grown ups also mull over their grown up lip colours? Le sigh…

  • Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play)
    Posted at 01:57h, 30 January Reply

    Lately I've been wearing more and more make up, lipsticks too. I kinda want some that are toned down from my usual dark vampy lip colors or my seriously matte reds.

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