teeteeiswithme mixed 2When I was in New York last year, I literally wore the BF’s shirts as dresses for the majority of the vacation because you can never go wrong with easy casual dressing. Lately I have found myself picking comfort over aesthetics when it comes to fashion. As I attempt to rid myself of my Peter Pan syndrome my understanding, interaction and consumption of fashion is a lot different to when I for instance first started working at Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa. Fashion, style and getting dressed has become something all together different to me. I barely take in the trends, or spend as much time as I used to obsessing over seeing every single fashion week picture. All I really want is to feel like myself in the clothes I wear.teeteeiswithme mixed  5teeteeiswithme mixed  3 teeteeiswithme mixed  4teeteeiswithme mixed  6

Clothing Credits: Tie Dye Embroidered Mens Shirt worn as Dress  from the BF | Hat from a Thrift Store | Black Patent Heels from TopShop | Lips from Revlon Matte Balm

Photography by @Mr_Mananga

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