There’s just no need for…Ill Fitting Clothes. Ever

After sending out my newsletter, I realised how fun it was to do those “There’s Just No Need For…” posts I used to do in 2011, and I won’t lie (but some of the J&B Met outfits this past weekend) had me wondering WTF?! and muttering to myself “there’s just no need for any of those outfits.” People were straight up lying to each other to television and Instagram. So in the spirit of honesty, I am not going to slay anyone by name, but…
There is just no need for a grown woman to wear an ill fitting dress and a grown man to wear an ill fitting dinner jacket or blazer. Ever. There are few moments when we really get to put our best foot forward and in those moments you really should make sure that what you are wearing fits you. Case in point, the night Gwyneth Paltrow won her Oscar for Shakespeare In Love, all I remember was that ill fitting Calvin Klein dress. In fact I had to Google “movie Gwyneth Paltrow won Oscar for”, but I did not have to Google who made that dress, because I remembered that her dress did not fit her properly.

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