Air Max Week 4 | Ornamental

Air MAx WeekYesterday I got called the Queen Of Air Max’s several times, which gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I don’t mind being the Queen Of Air Max’s at all actually and considering how easy this 5 day Wear Your Air inspired post series has been,  I might  take my reign uber seriously and throw away all my heels and wear Air Max’s all the time. Who am I kidding? I love a sick heel. Still, the comfort, functionality and stylishness of an Air Max in a bright or interesting colourway can’t be matched and it has been fun celebrating my favourite sneaker of all time this week.

teeteeiswithme_outfit post_1 teeteeiswithme_outfit post_2 teeteeiswithme_outfit post_3 teeteeiswithme_outfit post_4

Clothing credits: Sweater from ZARA | Modern Rise Skinny Jeans from Levi’s | Sunglasses from Chanel at Sunglass Hut | Air Max 1’s fromNike Sportswear 

Photography by Mr_Mananga


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