Hunting For Kicks S2 E2 featuring Thithi Nteta

Hunting For Kicks

Check out my 6:51 minutes of fame on Hunting For Kicks hosted by my good good friend Mkay Frash. Seeing as I definitely, categorically do not consider myself a sneakerhead, I was really honoured and nervous when Mkay asked me to pull through and talk about my two favourite pairs of sneakers at the moment, because I am not a fan of seeing myself in moving images, neither am I very good at making decisions when it comes to clothes, shoes, sneakers or anything within the world of fashion. Picking two pairs of sneakers that you consider your favourite pairs of sneakers is not as easy as one would think. The no brainer was obviously the Liquid Gold Air Max 1s with their liquid gold upper, perforated leather inner and just all round amazingness. It was the second pair that was harder to decide on. I couldn’t pick between my old faithfuls the pink Air Max 1’s, which I wear a lot and ended up wearing on the day of the shoot, or the Air Jordan 3 “Stealth” sneakers I travelled all the way to Flight Club in New York to get. After never being able to get the Nike Dunk Hi AC Tier Zero sneakers in grey, it became my life’s goal to get a pair of all grey sneakers. So when the Air Jordan 3 “Stealth” colourway dropped in 2011 I had to get them. With its graphite grey, combined with accents of varsity red and the traditional elephant print detailing, the Air Jordan 3 “Stealth” makes for the perfect pair of grey sneakers.

I won’t lie though… I am still holding out for those grey Nike Dunk AC Tier Zero sneakers.

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