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teeteeiswithme_outfitpost_1The other day, someone told me that they thought I was a Capetonian. I was like “Hell no!” (no offense Capetonians),  “Why the hell would you think that?” I retorted. They pointed out that my Instagram photos and outfit posts of Johannesburg felt somewhat exploratory and like the kind of point of view someone who recently moved to Johannesburg would have as they discovered Johannesburg for the first time. When I think of it, she was right. I am rediscovering and re-appreciating (I am aware that is not a word) Johannesburg. Like any relationship, friendship or whatever, this city requires you to keep re-falling (also not a real word) in love with it again and again because even though it is the most interesting, friendliest and open city in South Africa – it is also mean, in a tough-love kinda way, and it can feel monotonous and small, which can be frustrating.

Regardless, since my Pink Lyte days (actually before that! I was that Pretoria girl who was in  Jhb every weekend during university), I have been in love with Joburg. I find it to have a friendly temperament in the realest way and shooting outfit posts at dusk and dawn has not only afforded me the pleasure of seeing this place lit beautifully, but has also allowed me to engage with some interesting folks on the streets of Joburg. Camera’s bring people together. I really believe this. Lolbitches must know teeteeiswithme_outfitpost_3 teeteeiswithme_outfitpost_4 bitches must know

Clothing Credits: Crewneck sweater from Bitches Must Know | Skirt from Studio W at Woolworths | Socks from Country Road | Photography: Dylan Lloyd aka  @Mr_Mananga

  • Wisani
    Posted at 11:33h, 09 February Reply

    That sweater TEETEE is just too awesome I love your fashion philosophy and i know you always stress the fact that you have no fashion do and dont’s but i have noticed how simple yet classy your style is and i think its worth mentioning that am a guy who usually has no interest in women’s clothing but you have changed my outlook on many things especially womens’ wear.

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