DIY: Levi’s Trucker #1

teeteeiswithme_LEVI DIY_1A wardrobe staple, the Levi’s trucker is pretty much a thing of perfection.  Great to throw over a light t-shirt on a chilly spring night and even better to layer with on a beyond cold winters day, it’s versatility from season to season makes it an investment piece.

I like the concept of DIY because for someone like me who likes to buy classic pieces or second hand / pre-loved clothing, a little bit of DIY can add an element of uniqueness to something already perfect like for instance the Levi’s trucker.  In the case of this Levi’s Trucker, the client wanted to have their affinity for biker culture incorporated into the customisation, which is why I got a BMW engine picture silkscreened to go as a panel on the back of the jacket. It felt a bit sparse to me so I added details with the tartan fabric, just so it could feel a little bit more unique.

*DIY tip – Plan a little bit before you do something. Especially if you have something specific in mind. Nothing worse than messing up and not being able to go back, especially if it is on something you can’t necessarily purchase again. teeteeiswithme_LEVI DIY_5 teeteeiswithme_LEVI DIY_4 teeteeiswithme_LEVI DIY_3 teeteeiswithme_LEVI DIY_2

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