Skip’s Fashion Exchange gets an update

sfe_2014In September 2012, I attended the first Skip Fashion Exchange event at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank Johannesburg, and if I am being completely honest, I wasn’t all that impressed by the event, or the clothing that was left and it was kind of devastating to arrive with some stellar pieces of clothing and leave empty handed.

Regardless of my past experience with the event, the press release and insider information regarding this years Skip Fashion Exchange has me really excited. I am always looking for a place to purge my wardrobe responsibly and with no regret which is why I do a quarterly donation to Hospice. However, there are  some clothing items, like the French Connection dress pictured below, and shoes that I just can’t bring  myself to donate to Hospice because it pains me to think that they’ll be sold for R40 or something like that. This is why the idea of a clothes swop event, where I also get something out of the situation, is the perfect solution when it comes to saying good bye to those pre-loved items I know I will miss and I want to make sure have a good home.

Taking place at dope venues like Urban Tree, Katy’s Palace Bar and Turbine Hall, insider information close to the event production this year, has assured me that this years Skip Fashion Exchange events will be more curated, glamorous and fun. Guests will be treated to a three course meal, local entertainment, stylist consultations and of course the chance to update their wardrobe by simply swopping pre-loved items with other stylish women.IMG_0670 copy

Dates: 17 July at Urban Tree | 21 August at Katy’s Palace | 30 October at Turbine Hall. Purchase your tickets to the Skip Fashion Exchange events on– when prompted please use username and password to open the gateway to style.  Tickets cost R280.00 each (login: Skip, password: Fashion exchange).

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