Europe Vacation: Paris

Europe Vacation: ParisRight. So I have received some emails from people asking me where the posts on Europe Vacation: Paris and Amsterdam are from my Europe vacation, and long honest story short, by the time I got to Paris, all I was concerned about was being on vacation. I didn’t even bother with shooting outfit posts because waking up extra early to shoot is not really the kind of thing you do on vacation, in fact it feels a bit like a working holiday when you do that. I focused on experiencing  Paris in a different way to when I visited the city years ago on an Art History Europe Tour in high school, which meant  a lot of walking around aimlessly and getting lost in the streets stopping for a glass of wine at which ever whimsical looking place we could find to rehydrate and stumbling upon the  the Pompidou Centre, or even the Eiffel Tower unintentionally because we decided to just continue walking.Europe Vacation: Paris teeteeiswithme 5 Europe Vacation: Paris teeteeiswithme 3We were lucky enough to stay in the gay, very hipster and Jewish area of Le Marais in an apartment down the road from APC and right above the amazing concept store Merci. So, we (my friend Tumi Mohale and I) spent our time drinking champagne in Place des Vosges whilst eating a freshly made baguettes, eating at le Marche des enfants rouge – a lovely market with restaurants and just posting up at Mary Celeste or Cafe Carette and watching effortlessly stylish and slim people walk past. It is so easy to become obsessed with Paris, because every single thing or place your eye rests on is beautifully interesting and it seems like you can never explore everything Paris has to offer. I like that feeling… it’s the same feeling I had in New York.teeteeiswithme 8 Europe Vacation: Paris teeteeiswithme 12 teeteeiswithme 11

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