Europe Vacation: Trastevere, Rome

teeteeiswithme-Rome0teeteeiswithme-Rome1One of my favourite days on our trip to Rome was when we used one of our “rest” days, which is code for “post up at a bar or restaurant and drink” day to explore Trastevere the neighbourhood we were staying in.  A former working class district and located across the Tiber, Trastevere offers a  less crowded and touristy experience of Rome and an intoxicating nightlife which sees the cobblestone streets filled with people till about 4am in the morning.

With less mainstream tourist attractions like the 12th century Basilica di Santa Maria, this charming medieval neighbourhood is filled with interesting things to look at around every corner and we were lucky enough to stumble into great restaurants without even trying.  On the specific day I began my post talking about, we walked through and up the cobblestone roads and alleyways of Trastevere, Rome stopping at Palazzo Corsini: a palace which is now a gallery filled with a collection of antique art by Titian and Caravaggio, ventured through Orto Botanico and took the long long long walk to Giancolo – the eighth hill of Rome, where the Garibaldi statue is located and an amazing view of Rome can be experienced. teeteeiswithme-Rome2 teeteeiswithme-Rome5 teeteeiswithme-Rome3teeteeiswithme-Rome9teeteeiswithme-Rome12teeteeiswithme Rome_15teeteeiswithme-Rome8teeteeiswithme-Rome6

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