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nike running app 1I have been using the Nike Running App for a while now to motivate me to run more.  Everytime the leaderboard – where all your Nike Plus “friends” distances run are documented – says “It’s a dead heat. You are neck and neck with so-and-so. One run will pass you” one can’t help but want to run more. Last week I decided to take it up a notch in preparation for the Nike Soweto Marathon by using the Nike Running App COACH.

Why the COACH?

I opted for this COACH instead of the training programme I found on Runners World, because I realised that I actually need reminders and accountability measures that are not me in place, so that I am motivated to go for a run. You would think that an impending 21,1 km run would be enough to motivate me, but I like things and the things I generally like involve posting up and having drinks with my friends, not running. However, as my pace increases and that voice at the end of run tells me I am doing better, running is getting to be one of those things I am starting to like… I  guess I am all about positive affirmation and really flattery will get you everywhere with me.

The COACH functionality allows you to select what distance you would like to train for and puts together a training programme for you based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner. I selected to train as a beginner runner, because whilst I do occasionally go running, my fitness levels are low and I would rather start from the beginning , not over-estimate my capabilities and then possibly fail and get running app 2The COACH training programme maps out a 12 week training schedule with scheduled runs, rest days and cross-training days.  Your run days come with stipulated kilometres as well as tips on how to approach the run and if you don’t do the run on that day, it seems (from what I can see) that you can’t really make it up to count in the training schedule unless you add those kilometres to your next run. Not running the kilometres set out for the week will result in you failing at the goal of the week… personally I do not like to fail, so that concept really unsettles me.

In Conclusion…

The best part about using the Nike Running App COACH is that all your progress is tracked and summarised for you so that you can compare your development as you train, something that is really NB for a new runner I reckon. The motivation in terms of Powersongs and attaboys from voice feedback doesn’t hurt either when you are in your last stretch of a run. Side note… I can’t wait to drop a dress size as I train for this half marathon and look svelte  as running app 3

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