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When people ask me about style, trends and fashion, I always give an annoyingly open minded answer, because I believe that style and subsequently clothing is about expressing who you are, how you feel and who you want to be on that particular day.  I have been working with Skip for the past couple of months and have been waiting for #ThreeWordWardrobe to launch because of Skip’s current campaign message which is that “Skip understands the connection between women and their clothes – in that the clothing we wear represents who we are and how we feel.” Based on the digital’s outfit sharing trend where people are Instagramming and sharing their OOTD’s and apps like Pose, WIWT and the locally developed Stylista have created platforms where people can share their outfits, #ThreeWordWardrobe does the same, but asks you to describe how you feel about what you are wearing in  just 3 words.

Skip Three Word Wardrobe1 Skip Three Word Wardrobe2We all have that dress that makes you feel like a sex goddess or that blazer that makes you feel like no one can mess with you and the #ThreeWordWardrobe invites you to share those feelings about what you are wearing using COLOUR, FABRIC & MOOD. All you need to do is create a profile on and upload your style pics with your three word wardrobe description, get inspiration from bloggers that Skip collaborated with and other women sharing their style pics. Check out my uploads here, Love the looks, add them to your mood board and share your wardrobe in just three words.

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