The White Shirt

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I think I am getting old, because I want to start every single post with “as I get older,” but seriously though as I get older I want to own things that last forever – in the sense that they will be hand-me-downs or sold in thrift stores a couple of years from now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags, but I am going through this phase (I am going to call it a phase because I am not ready to let go of half my wardrobe) where I only wear a third of my wardrobe on a regular basis.

This scares me because I genuinely do fear that I should let go of half my wardrobe, but also gives me a sense of comfort, because I always know that when I am out I look half way decent ;). With that being said, I am not ready to let go of half of my wardrobe, because of what happened to me earlier this week:  I was busy complaining to anyone who would listen that I don’t own any white shirts and expressing complete disappointment in myself for not having a white shirt. Then as I was looking for a white dress for my sister I discovered the white mens tuxedo shirt I am wearing in this post, and promptly decided to incorporate it into my wardrobe more. I also decided that I need a better wardrobe system because I am obviously doing something wrong if I am forgetting that I own a white classic mens tuxedo shirt. In fact… I am failing at life. teeteeiswithme 4 teeteeiswithme 2teeteeiswithme 5
Clothing Credits: White Men’s Tuxedo Shirt from Maria McCloy | Black mock snake leather skirt from Witchery at Woolworths | Necklace from Aldo Accessories | Sunglasses from Ray Ban at Sunglass Hut | Hat from a Thrift Store | Heels from Aldo

Photography by Dylan Lloyd aka  @Mr_Mananga

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