G-Star RAW For The Oceans

G-Star RAW For The OceansG-Star RAW For The Oceans is a long-term creative collaboration between Bionic Yarn, a textile company co-founded by Pharrell Williams and Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW that “turns ocean plastic into something fantastic.” Brought together by Parley – a “collaboration platform where creators, thinkers and leaders come together” to raise awareness regarding the oceans sustainability, G-Star Raw for the Oceans “takes plastic from the world’s oceans and transforms it into innovative denim and apparel.” The denim pieces in the G-Star RAW For the Oceans  collection curated by Pharrell are made up of the world’s first denim made from Bionic yarn. Woven from HLX (see diagram at the end of post to understand how the yarn is made) the denim feels, ages and looks just like traditional denim, which is actually quite incredible when you think about. G-Star RAW for the oceansG-Star RAW for the oceansG-Star RAW for the oceans

Clothing Credits: RAW For The Oceans men’s bomber jacket and jeans from G-Star RAW | Vest  from RVCA | Necklace and bracelets  from Aldo Accessories | Sunglasses from Giorgio Armani at Sunglass Hut | Hat from the BF  | Heels from ER Collection

Photography by Dylan Lloyd aka Mr_ManangaHLX Bionic Yarn“Happy Life”

“Happy Human Beings”

“Happy Ocean”

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