Grant’s Whisky X I See A Different You – Stand Together

I See A Different You invited The Other Girls (a group of 5 women – including yours truly – who host THE WKND SOCIAL) to be part of the Grant’s Whiskey Stand Together Campaign. This campaign, which is essentially about people standing together saw I See A Different You travelling around South Africa – Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg – documenting a variety of people who are collaborating together to realize their creative, business and personal aspirations.

As a member of The Other Girls, THE WKND SOCIAL represents more than Johannesburg’s number one inner city brunch and day party movement. For me it is a little bit about inspiration and a lot about collaboration and consistency. Things that I think are integral to running a successful business in our time. Doing it alone, is something you never really hear about anymore, so this campaign really resonated with me, as most of the things I am doing in my life at the moment are collaborations and it helped that the entire campaign was being captured by a collective of three guys who have done excatly what the campaign is about. They have come together as I See A Different You and have done some pretty dope things together.

The imagery captured by I See A Different You during their travel around South Africa is currently being exhibited in Cape Town, with exhibitions planned for Johannesburg and Durban. 

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