1-on-1 with Aimee Song

teeteeiswithme Aimee Song 1A couple of weeks ago, I had a brilliant week. I was interviewed on eNews Channel and on Cliff Central by Arye Kellman and managed to secure a weekly slot from Wednesday (19 November 2014) with Kellman talking fashion, style and why I don’t really like trends. However in all this “me me me” exposure the highlight of that week was sitting down with Aimee Song of Song Of Style  for a 1-on-1 interview courtesy of Sunglass Hut who had invited Aimee and her sister Dani Song to Johannesburg for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. A self proclaimed sunnies fan who only gets her sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, I wasn’t surprised when she walked into our interview wearing the Dolce & Gabanna Gold Filigree sunglasses I was too afraid to buy because I didn’t know if I could live up to their opulence. The thirty minute interview with Aimee went by really quickly, as we talked about everything from how she enjoys travelling with her sister because there is never a dull moment, to how she was surprised by the  number of fans she has in South Africa and how even though she is considered a mega blogger – she never had a plan for Song Of Style and continues to just do what feels right and authentic on her platform. I asked her about balancing work life and personal life, a general point of interest for me because it is something I struggle with, plus it is always interesting to hear from people who are doing a multitude of things like Ms Song who is, on top of everything a successful Interior Designer, on how they do it. And, well she gave the most honest answer I have had heard yet… which is that she hasn’t quite figured that out and still checks emails at 4am even though she has hired help. I suppose it is simple really… if you love what you do, you don’t mind doing as much of it as possible.

Sometimes people’s online personas; are exactly that – online personas; but the ease and honesty in which the interview happened was a complete pleasure and now for the random collection of questions I asked Aimee Song:

Describe your style in three words: Cali | Polished |  Eclectic

What is your favourite city in the world because of:

Food? Los Angeles | Fashion? Paris | Nightlife? Seoul

Would you ever go blonde? No

What is your favourite filter on Instagram, if you use one?  Valencia

What photo-editing apps; if any do you use? Afterlight

Three tips to upping my selfie game?  Sunglasses | Good Lighting | Lipstick

What is your go-to sunglass style / shape? Aviator or Slightly Oversized

How many pairs do you own? Between 35 and 40

What music do you listen to?  Tupac, N.W.A and Easy E

And finally… To Smile Or Not To Smile in the FROW? Smile! Life is too short! teeteeiswithme Aimee Song 0

  • robyn
    Posted at 14:42h, 17 November Reply

    What an awesome opportunity, you are so inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!

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