Levi’s Cut-Offs DIY: Insets

Levi Strauss Shorts DIY 2I have accepted that I am kind of obsessed with camo, and of course denim. So, as I went through my wardrobe to spot if there are any missing elements I need to purchase before my beach holiday in Thailand; I decided that this pair of Levi’s cut-offs I bought at a thrift store in New York need to be given a new lease on life with some camo accents by covering the washed out exposed pockets with this camoflage fabric I found at the Oriental Plaza last year. I bought reams and reams of it because it is one of the best camo prints I have come across in a fabric store.

Adding insets, normally refers to adding a piece of fabric in something, for example underneath a distressed cut out or within a pocket panel, and in this case it made perfect sense for me to line the pockets with camo fabric. Some tips when doing this is to keep it simple. The temptation to go overboard can be real… especially when you have lots of fabric you love!

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