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2 treatments to get summer ready via Groupon

When you run your own business or work for yourself, the first thing you learn really quickly, voluntarily or not, is how to spend wisely. I have been using Groupon for a while now to find spa and beauty treatment deals and with my trip to Thailand around the corner: healthy, firm, glowing and close to perfect skin from my face to my toes is essential.

After months of working hard and playing hard, my skin (and my BF) needed some love and attention, so I went in for the Advanced Dermalogica Facial for two people at Aura Skin Care in Parkhurst. Perfect for a first timer or as a regular deep cleansing facial, the advanced facial process is made up of a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, massage, masque and moisturising treatment process that leaves your skin feeling alive. Treat yourself and someone else with the deal hereIMG_9371

I have always been curious about slimming based treatments like Laser Lipo, which is why when Groupon approached me to try out some of the deals on at the moment, I thought why not try the Laser lipo and FIR sauna treatment at the Fantastic Body and Beauty Clinic in Rivonia?

Located in an office block of sorts the Fantastic Body and Beauty Clinic is a clinic not a beauty spa. This was something that was reiterated to me several times whilst I was there, as the space really does resemble a doctor’s consultation rooms. When you arrive you fill in some documents about your health, medical condition etc and then you go straight into the treatment room where you start with the Lipo-slim laser treatment. Laser panels are placed directly onto your skin over the problem areas you communicate to the therapist. The cold light laser penetrates into skin by 6 to 7 cm and can be used on the arm, stomach, inner and outer thigh, as well as bum areas. According to the website, the laser light stimulates the fat cells to open up and release their “fat” contents and shrink the fat cells, which are then removed via the body’s lymphatic system. After the laser-lipo you climb into the FIR sauna for thirty minutes and experience a sweat treatment that not only detoxes your system whilst giving you a mild full back and body massage, but assists with high and low blood pressure.

The website claims that one can lose between 2cm to 6cm in one treatment, something I can’t fully verify given that I did not measure myself prior to the treatment. However, I did weigh myself and I was 0,5 kilos lighter post my first laser-lipo and fir sauna treatment. I am not sure if that was simply because of the profuse sweating I experienced during the FIR sauna treatment or because the treatment (which does require exercise to assist with the removal of the released fat cell contents from the body within 24 hours post treatment) was actually working. Either way, it’s almost swimsuit time; so every sweat drop counts. Book the treatment here

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