Best Of 2014: Sunday Times Fashion Weekly Feature

Sunday Times Fashion Weekly

2014 was not the easiest of years. I spent most of the year with a major loser complex as I wrestled with first world problems like “self actualization.” Press features like Sunday Times Fashion Weekly Jacket Edit alongside Lucilla Booyzen, Lindie Ferreira, Lesley Whitby, and Swaady Martin-Leke published in November 2014 really help the confidence levels, hence why it is one of my best of 2014 moments.

From the outside I am sure everything looked pristine and perfect… like I had my sh*t together; but truthfully this year has been one of those years filled with a lot of self doubt and questioning. Questions like; “what am I doing?”, “do I want to be here?”, “have I surrounded myself with the right people?” and “do I like who I am today?” Hard questions, that could only be answered the hard way – with honesty and introspection. I had to spend sometime scrutinizing my priorities and assessing how I use my energy and on who I use it on. Something I haven’t done in a long time, and something I believe has lead to my lack of productivity, overall inefficiency and lack of inspiration. I used to be so inspired and motivated. After posting the editorial on Instagram when it came out, the lovely Maps Maponyane responded to my gushing over being in this feature with dope women by saying “Those are some of the most incredible women I’ve met. You’re an easy fit.” That comment really meant a lot to me and made me stop throwing this pity party I was hosting for myself and focus on making the rest of 2014 count.\

From removing a friend from my life because  I couldn’t trust her (which was really hard to do), to “leaning in” with regards to my business, and defining my priorities as well as acknowledging that even though I lack the inability to have balance because of who I am as a person;  I should still continue to strive for it and not beat myself up for it because I haven’t attained it; I am well on my way to becoming the woman I want to be.

Sunday Times Fashion Weekly

  • Dineo
    Posted at 14:53h, 31 December Reply

    I love your blog & have followed it while it was on blogger to here. I also started blogging but think what, why etc. I am inspired by you & I am a stranger miles away ( well Cape Town) but I like your work. I look forward to blog posts & articles like these so keep it up, even if its for me & my clique.

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