Best of 2014: G-Star RAW Women’s Night

G-Star RAW  Women's Night I am not really sure when I developed stage fright, given that I did a lot of school plays and speeches in high school. Perhaps it is because I have a tendency to be misread by people when they first meet me due to the fact that I am generally quite quiet (unless I have some bubbles in me) and my “resting bitch face” tends to deceives me and leave people thinking that I am an actual bitch. Or maybe it is a new unexplainable development, kind of like my new found fear of rollercoasters. However, this year my new found stage fright didn’t stand a chance. From my co-hosting stint at the Banana Republic Sandton City store opening with Neil Doveton to the Wednesday fashion slots on Cliff Central with Arye Kellman and finally the G-Star RAW Women’s event I co-hosted with Tarryn Alberts in November, I have had a really ‘public’ year so to speak.

In addition to ‘working’ on my stage fright, I finally formalized something I have been doing for years by starting my company Thirteen Options Media and worked on some really cool projects with great brands like Fiat and G-Star RAW. In fact, Thirteen Options Media was hired to develop and execute this years strategy and approach to the G-Star RAW Women’s Night along with G-Star RAW’s PR company Vivid Luxury. The concept pitched was simple; to use real women with influence to share their search for the perfect denim fit via their digital platforms and two videos that were shot by Paul Ward (Cape Town   +   Johannesburg ) and invite their audience to join in on the conversation and attend the events hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

So besides being “therapy” for my public speaking phobia, the G-Star RAW Women’s Night is one of my top 2014 moments because it was something I put in a lot of work into on many levels and I love anything that is all about women, girl power and ladies only!  x

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