Jess Van Wyk

Interview: The Fashion Freckle

I’ve only ever spoken to Jess Van Wyk of The Fashion Freckle, twice… the first time was in Cape Town at a Spree event and the second at MBFWAfrica where I shot these images of her for Sunglass Hut Inner Circle. Both times, Jess was as lovely as she appears in all her beautiful photographs, shy but open and friendly, and well dressed in a simple, effortlessly stylish kind of way.

Who is Jess…

I am a very quiet and shy person, which makes it difficult to be committed to twitter because I really don’t speak that much in everyday life. But in the world that I want to work in, shy won’t cut it so I’m working on that. Talking about the world I want to work in, that’s the one thing I know I want in my future – to work in fashion. I’m just not too sure where exactly and as a result I have been a bit all over with my studies. I have completed a degree in online media with a few economics courses and art history courses thrown in there and this year I am doing my Honours in Brand Management.Jess Van Wyk

Do you own anything that you absolutely can’t get rid of? 

I am a mayor memory hoarder. I literally have 8 boxes filled with objects, letter and pieces of any memory from the last 18 years. I just can’t get rid of birthday cards, little love notes from my man (Adam) and objects from my travels. I even press flowers that I have received from Adam and keep those.

Where is your favourite place to be?

My family has a home near Hermanus on a golf estate and I love being there. By the pool with my family, bliss.

How do your clothes and your style connect to your lifestyle?

For me it’s not really about the surroundings or context I will be in on a specific day, it’s just about what I feel like wearing. I always want to be comfortable but I won’t ever dress extra casually.

Most visited websites…

Margaret Zhang’s blog Shinebythree. She is a genius and I so admire her work.

Top Cities…

I am going to be extremely cliché here and say that Paris is my all time favourite city. I also love New York, Amsterdam and my two homes Cape Town and Jozi. 

What Makes You Happy?

My man, my family and my friends, of course. Traveling also makes me extremely happy and fulfilled. Food too – I would be happy to work in the food industry. Kids also make me so happy – I am that person tagging my friends in Instagram pictures of cute, stylish kids. Bull dogs also! They make me so happy!

MBFW Africa

What makes you sad?

Mean and nasty people. Fur and circuses. Homophobia. Cancer. Orphans. People who take their luck and fortune in life for granted.

If the house was on fire, which three things in the wardrobe would you grab first?

Oh no this is too hard.

If you weren’t doing what you were doing for a living, what would you be doing?

Well I am a student currently and just blog on the side. But anything in food or fashion.

How do you keep yourself healthy?

I love HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training). It’s a quick 30 minute workout but you really feel like you’ve worked. I also eat as healthy as I can but I will have mash, pasta, a dessert, and whatever else because I want to live. I also pretty much only drink water. But cocktails are a weakness.

What did you do today?

I went to class. Then to the shops. And then to my boyf because he is injured from rugby and so I’m going to look after him!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

No tattoos. I love them but the thought of having them on my body forever freaks me out. I have 5 piercings all in my ears.

I Am…

Not sure yet

How many hours do you spend on social media?

Maybe max two hours a day – especially if I’m writing a blog post.

Are you into PDA?

I will go as far as a kiss I think.

Sneakers or Heels?

Not that it’s an option but I would say boots first and then I can’t choose between heels and sneakers. I want it all!

Sex before marriage is…

Okay. If you wanna do it cool, if you don’t want to cool. I just think you need to be mature enough, that’s all. I was watching 16 and pregnant yesterday and the 16 year old guy was too embarrassed to buy condoms. So I think sex before marriage isn’t important to me, it’s just whether you’re mature enough to understand and handle possible outcomes.

Skinny or Boyfriend Denim Jeans?

Oh no. Too hard again. If I had to, boyfriend.

Favourite book?

I don’t have a favourite book yet but I am currently reading Maya Angelou’s Why A Cage Bird Sings.

  • Simbongile
    Posted at 20:24h, 07 April Reply

    Just discovered Jess via TGETHER (literally an hour ago) and I LOVE her! I cannot say I am into fashion but Jess’s style makes me want to go shopping immediately. Love the image quality and the always thought-out post titles.

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