Marie Claire Naked Issue 2015

Getting naked in front of other people isn’t the easiest thing to do if you aren’t completely comfortable with every part of your body and even more so if you have to do it in a room with two fellas you know in real life and see on the streets of Braamfontein. Regardless of how I felt about possibly spotting Daniel Nash of Bangers & Nash scrotum or having my good friend Andrew Berry of We-Are-Awesome‘s possibly see my boobs, I couldn’t imagine saying No to the Marie Claire Naked issue in aid of Blow the Whistle: an anti-rape initiative that focuses on raising awareness, speaking out against the violence against the high rate of violent and sexual crime in South Africa against women and children.

I decided to take part in this campaign because I am a woman, we were all children once upon a time and one day I might have children and I would like for them to grow up in a world that is safe. I believe that if you have a voice, which we all do, then we all have a responsibility to speak up for those who can not speak up for themselves, or who are too afraid to speak up for themselves.

South Africans’ spend a lot of time complaining, about petrol prices, the government, violence, traffic, taxi drivers etc and so forth. If we could take all that energy and use it collectively to speak out against this cause and work towards peacefulness; we might actually achieve some traction when it comes to decreasing violence against women and children. We should all be speaking out against all forms of violence and particularly against crimes committed against women and children because the effect of this kind of violence affects everyone’s somebody. From a colleague at work, to a friend, a niece or nephew,  it is happening to everybody’s somebody. If you think of it that way, it is much easier to stand up and say enough.

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