The Best Shirt Dress On Earth

Kisua Shirt dressA shirt dress is one of those things I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe. Given that declaration, one would think it would be easy to find a great shirt dress. However when it comes to the search for the perfect shirt dress I have been met with many obstacles ranging from the fabric being see-through to ill-fitting cuts that don’t flatter for several reasons.

So, when I spotted this Kisua shirt dress, I fell in love immediately because it ticks off the 4 must have essentials of a shirt dress (in my humble opinion of course):

  1. It’s a loose fit, but still has shape. The key difference, to me, between a shirt dress and a regular oversized mens shirt worn the morning after is not only length, but shape. A loose fitting shirt dress with shape is not only comfortable; but prevents those button gaping issues that a tighter fit might present one with.
  2. It’s literally the perfect length. Again, the main difference between a shirt dress and an oversized mens shirt worn the morning after is length. Too short and people will look at you like you’ve left your pants at home and too long… Well, I don’t believe that there is a too long, because there is shirt dress from Lazuli (see here) that is lengthy, but gorgeous (if only it wasn’t see through).
  3. It has the most covetable shape one could hope for. I say this because a cinched waist works for every woman on this planet. I had a friend who has a straight body, and for years she would fight me on cinching her waist. One day she gave in and basically all I can say is that I was right… Again.
  4. It isn’t a plain white or black. I love me some black, but that is so predictable and I fear me some white; because I always without fail end up dirtying my white vests, shirts and tops; which is why I have so many. I am that one person who in real life has a pen leak all over their white shirt. This print is masculine and contrasts so beautifully with the very feminine shape of the shirt dress, which makes for a piece that requires minimal styling, accessories etc because it takes centre stage.

    Shirt dress

    Clothing Credits: Shirt dress from Kisua  | Air Max 1 Ultra Moire from Nike Sporstwear  | Heels from Call It Spring | Sunglasses from Miu Miu at  Sunglass Hut

Photography: Thina Olona Zibi

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