SAFW Black Coffee S/S 2015 Review

Black Coffee S/S 2015Graphic, geometric, complexly structured clean lines and simplicity of form are just some of  the words that come to mind when considering the work that Black Coffee has created ever since their 2011 collection featuring a modular system of interlocking laser-cut pieces that could be reconfigured to create a variety of garments and accessories titled Everyonecanbeadesigner. A strong graphic and textured aesthetic was then explored in April 2013 for their S/S collection Imprint with beautifully delicate mesh dresses adorned with hand rendered geometric shapes using appliqué in a colour palette that reflected the vibrant hues found in contemporary ceremonial garments from central Africa.

Fast forward to Fusion: Black Coffee’s S/S 2015 collection at SA Fashion Week where the conflux of African and Asian design was explored in a collection of hand printed garments, woven ribbon work, appliqué, repetitive button detailing and ornately sculpted Asian inspired headpieces and stylized African head wraps that not only tied the fusion concept together; but created a sense of regal, swanky glamour. Fusion, in my opinion is a culmination of various techniques and aesthetics explored in previous collections, namely : Imprint (briefly discussed above and reviewed here) and their  A/W 2015 collection Figment – their first collaboration with crafters from Ekurhuleni, where the René Magritte inspired collection featured hand painted and printed fabrics, leather finishes and beading. 

Images by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

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