The LBD of lashes: Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer

Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer Versatility was my favourite word last year when it came to style and fashion and this year I am going to be overusing the word even more, because in this economic climate and as busy as we are as women (and men) the things we purchase should be able to go a long way and no one has time to use five hundred million products in their beauty and skincare regime.

Enter Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer™, a 3-in-1 primer that tints, amplifies and sets your lashes.

Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer

Deliciously long curly lashes to frame the face is something I aim for when I buy and use mascara and to be honest the only reason why I have neglected using eyelash primers is because most of them come in white. As someone who does not like to have her make up take more than 15 minutes, white eyelash primers require me to pay too much attention to detail in order to make sure all the white is covered. This is something I really can’t be bothered to do when I am applying mascara in my car in the parking lot and this is why I love Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer. As a primer it not only creates a long-wearing foundation for your mascara, it also reduces flaking and smudging and conditions your lashes. On top of this, Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer™ also acts as a black tint which means that you can choose to wear it alone for when you want light subtle daytime lashes and at night you can simply apply mascara over the primer for extra volume and water-resistant lashes.

Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer

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