A Flat Story

country road stuart weitzman

When it comes to shoes I’m either in flat shoes, sneakers or heels. Fence sitting is not be permitted. Kitten heels and their indifference are basically criminal in my eyes. Disrespectful in their teetering between high and low. Pick a side is what I say.  

In the past couple of months I have invested in some pretty incredible flats: namely these Stuart Weitzman black and white pumps from Spitz and these unbelievable Vivien Metal loafers from Country Road at Woolworths. What these flats both have in common is a that they are statement pieces that accessorize an outfit and my feeling is that if you are going to spend a little bit more on shoes because they are leather and uber comfortable – look bloody good doing it. From brogues, loafers, pumps, slip ons, oxfords, moccasins, winkle picker, plimsolls and chelsea boots flats have been having their fashion moment and being comfortable has become somewhat of a fashion priority.

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