KISUA for 8

KISUA for 8For the past week and a half the KISUA Instagram account has been teasing us with close up shots of fabrics, short video clips and captions tied together by the hashtag #KISUAfor8 and today all has been revealed.

‘KISUA for 8’ is an exclusive collaboration between KISUA and 8, the Italian go-to brand for contemporary wardrobe essentials. To quote the beautifully written press release I received this morning “KISUA for 8 leads a new wave of cross-continental fashion collaborations that are proving pivotal in the ethical development of the apparel and textile industry across Africa, while defining a new global style bringing together Italian elegance with African textures and techniques.”

The collection of 14 key pieces is a fusion of “KISUA’s vibrant prints and minimal silhouettes with 8’s timeless aesthetic” and was designed and manufactured in South Africa using locally sourced fabrics and crafting techniques. As a consumer who is passionate about using her buying power to contribute to a sustainable local fashion and textile industry this is definitely something that will have me online clicking away on 8’s pop up shop on and

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