Interview with Rich Mnisi #MyFabulousJHB

I recently caught up with Rich Mnisi to find out more from him about his Skip’s #MyFabulousJHB (link to previous post with campaign information) collection which he will be showing along side Jenevieve Lyons from Cape Town and Sibu Msimang from Durban at the Skip Fashion Exchange on the 13th of August in Maboneng Johannesburg.

1. Who is Rich Mnisi?

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, I graduated at LISOF with a BA in Fashion Design and Business Management and in 2014 I established fashion brand, OATH Studio. Having received my kickstart after being announced as one of the winners of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg AFI Fastrack in 2014, I was later named AFI Young Designer of the Year 2014 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. At OATH Studio, I am the founder, the aesthetic developer, creative director and the designer taller than all the models.

2. Tell us more about OATH

OATH Studio is a young brand that caters for both men and women, it is a very visual brand with a quirk. It’s a brand that is constantly trying to get better and push some buttons while offering beautifully tailored garments.

3. What is the inspiration behind the collection you are producing for the Skip My Fabulous campaign?

The main inspiration is Johannesburg, the structures and different tones represented in the personalities and building palettes.

4. What do you love about Johannesburg the city?

The hyper energy is very motivating yet sometimes overwhelming but it has a place in this city and it has an effect on its people. It makes it unique.Johannesburg

5. Describe Johannesburg street style in three words?

Rad, eclectic, social

6. How has social media played a role in building your brand?

It has played a major role in the sense that creating awareness is no longer in the hands of others. I am able to do that myself with the help of my own platforms. It’s just an insane machine which also makes it possible for a brand to communicate outside of its location without necessarily spending millions.My Fabulous JHB My Fabulous JHB7. Describe the collection you are designing for the Skip My Fabulous campaign?

Basically the collection is a summary of Johannesburg and it’s complexities. It highlights the similarities in each of us yet finds way to expose the different perceptions we each hold of a “thing”. A great/ prominent trend within the inspiration process exposed how multiple people were all attracted to the same building or structure yet interpreted it’s beauty in different ways. OATH Studio has taken the concept of RECESS, the cartoon itself and the concept of breaking away. In Johannesburg, speed and hyperactivity is key, RECESS is a time enjoyed differently but loved by many.

8. Which do you prefer…Monochrome or Colour?


9. How would you describe your personal style?

‎White T, Blue Jeans and an OATH Jacket.

10. Your favourite place or thing to do in Johannesburg?

My favourite place in Johannesburg is definitely Dukes in Greenside, the mood is beautiful. Great place to stuff your face while clearing your mind.

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