Sneak Peak: Rich Mnisi’s My #MyFabulous Collection

Tonight Rich Mnisi (JHB), Jenevieve Lyons (CPT) and Sibu Msimang (DBN) will showcase their collections for Skip’s #MyFabulous campaign at The Skip Fashion Exchange at Shine Studios and here is a sneak peek of Rich Mnisi’s My #MyFabulous Collection. When I asked Rich to describe the collection he designed for the Skip My Fabulous campaign, he said:

“Basically the collection is a summary of Johannesburg and it’s complexities. It highlights the similarities in each of us yet finds way to expose the different perceptions we each hold of a “thing”. A great/ prominent trend within the inspiration process exposed how multiple people were all attracted to the same building or structure yet interpreted it’s beauty in different ways. OATH Studio has taken the concept of RECESS, the cartoon itself and the concept of breaking away. In Johannesburg, speed and hyperactivity is key, RECESS is a time enjoyed differently but loved by many.”


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