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Little Dragon

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I can’t tell you how excited I am that I will be seeing my girl crush Yukimi Nagano live again in South Africa. After I acted like a complete geek in Bangkok when I saw her at a market and didn’t say hi, I think the stars have aligned and she is back in SA so we can be bestfriends… With four critically-acclaimed albums featuring some of my favourite songs of all time like Twice, No Love, Come Home and from their current album Nabuma Rubberband – Cat Rider – Little Dragon is literally my favourite band of all time. Do You Want To See Little Dragon Live in JHB? Well, if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, I am giving away a set of double tickets to one of my readers. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me why you should win the tickets… Leave posts with lyrics, profess your love to Yukimi, do whatever you need to… I’m going to pick the most passion driven comment.


 – Cape Town –

Date: Friday, 16th October

Venue: Founders Garden – Behind Artscape (Get your tickets here.)

– Johannesburg – 

Date: Saturday, 17th October

Venue: Carfax, Newtown (Get your tickets here.)


  • Bonga Thombeni
    Posted at 16:26h, 28 September Reply

    thoughts were not my thoughts, but we were close enough so that her
    thoughts and feelings seemed a wry, black image of my own …is how i feel Yukimi Nagano means to me. A Beautiful Mind …If the moon smiled, she would resemble her, the music which i was introduced by my girlfriend when we started dating. Wining would make both of us super excited.

    So please please

    “Little Man”

    You grew high, taller than the middle class

    Boy, cash running in your pockets

    You skate high, gold on your finger tips

    They try to make people nervous

    Something missing in your smile

    Something missing in your soul

    Are you suffering the blues?

    Tell me why, tell my when, tell me why? when?

    Green dollar bills slipped your hand, little man

    Anything you wanna come instantly.

    Boy, when the plan slipped your hand, little man

    Anything you wanna come instantly.

    Castle, house, cars and the ladies

    Blues, no doubt, got you feeling empty

    Your bank’s packed to edge and still you’re sad

    Something missing in your smile

    Something missing in your soul

    Are you suffering the blues?

    Tell me why, tell my when, tell me why? when?

    Green dollar bills slipped your hand, little man

    Anything you wanna come instantly.

    Boy, when the plan slipped your hand, little man

    Anything you wanna come instantly.

    • Amo Helang
      Posted at 10:53h, 29 September Reply

      My roommate and I fell to the ground when we heard that they’re coming,I’ve literally meditated on their music since I heard Constant Surprises. We drew up a vision board and a trajectory as to how our day is going to play out on the day of the concert,what we’re wearing,which will be highly inspired by Little Dragon and what time we’re leaving the apartment. We’re super amped for the experience and their awesome trippy music and have a our own little dance piece to Ritual union. Life begins at Little Dragon!!!!!

  • Akani Tshimbane
    Posted at 16:34h, 28 September Reply

    Great opportunity! Tx there. So…when Little Dragon came to SA in 2012 I totally slept on the band. Although there was a great deal of buzz around the band I was just not clued up at all about who they were. On both occasions when I could’ve watched the band perform live in JHB still remember exactly what I was doing..when they were at Chaf Pozi (A free-efffin-gig!!!!) I was at Thesis Social Jam. Then they performed at MOAD and my twin and I were just being casual about it 🙁 It still breaks my heart that I just said I was casual about Little Dragon. After they’d left and everyone had been raving about how amazing they were at Chaf Pozi I decided to do the right thing and just get familiar and never have I kicked myself so hard. I listened to the self titled album Little Dragon over and over and I have not looked back since. Been following the band (Yukimi – KILLS ME!) her style, the bands persona, their expressive ways…I could go on and on but even though I was ashamedly unfamiliar with the band then my twinsister and I will be singing along to every jam at their concert this time…

  • Rali Makgopa
    Posted at 17:39h, 28 September Reply

    I turned twenty one this year, and to celebrate that, my sister and I were supposed to go to Koh Phiphi. Unfortunately, life unfolds unfavorably sometimes. Our dad’s business hasn’t picked up as projected, so Thailand was sacked.
    Sooooo, what does a girl do?
    She wilds out to “Little Man”, in attempt to convince herself that money isn’t the beginning and the end (there’s something missing in ya smiiile/ something missing in your sooooul/ are you suffering the bluues?/ tell me why, tell me when, tell my whyyy wheeeen *dancing like a hag, at this point*).
    As well as to Klapp Klapp, Pretty Girls, and Twice.
    Then, just as all hope seems lost, I heard Little Dragon was on their way 😀
    I smile on the inside, and die on the out – “help me, I’m poor” stance. I was sad, dawg, won’t lie. The FOMO monkey’s started its ascent. Needless to say, winning tickets to see these insane people would be AH-MAZE (winning anything, really 😂).
    That’s the long and the short of it. Adieu.

  • swazi
    Posted at 18:38h, 28 September Reply

    Im not going to convince you otherwise accept never been to a concert and constantly checking their videos on youtube being in the moment with the.Theres one song the played its Kellis and Andre 3000 millionaire song in an interview they did with some radio station.Cat Rider-smooth cat rider stop bragging cause she broke your facade.Dont we all want to be stars

  • Lesego
    Posted at 21:31h, 28 September Reply

    Well everyone loves music I came across little dragon in 2007 the song “constant suprises” made me hound the folks for the CD to this day while driving with my mom she even sings along. All my neighbours know that if that song is playing on blast it has to be Lesego washing his car named Sanchez. Whe they had the free concert at Chad Pozi I cried thug tears because I couldn’t go a friend called me as they were performing. Since my all time favourite song is constant surprises I hope that these tickets find there way to me because in my life things are built on constant suprises, coming way some call it coincidence but I like to call it fate.

  • Winky
    Posted at 09:05h, 29 September Reply

    Hi Thithi 🙂 🙂 I really really love Little Dragon and I didn’t get the chance to see them when they came here for the first time and performed in Maboneng, needless to say, I was super crushed! One of the reasons I would love a double set of tickets from you would be to surprise my boyfriend who is a fan as much as I am 🙂 Losing out on these would mean twice I turn my back and I would fall flat on my face and lose, tell me where would I go?

  • Tuelo Mokoka
    Posted at 12:54h, 29 September Reply

    Yukimi is definitely my sister from another mister. I absolutely A D O R E everything about her. Her soothing voice, her immaculate quirky style and the way she’s able to touch my soul with her lyrical content. We share a bond that is not reciprocal, for obvious reasons, but it’s a bond nonetheless.
    I missed Little Dragon when they came to South Africa for the first time so how dare I even begin to think about missing them again this time around. If anyone needs to see them live on the 17th of October I am definitely your gurrrrrrrrrrrl. I mean I’m not in invalidating anyone’s love for Little Dragon but I’m pretty sure no one reaches my depth of love for them because there are levels to these things.

    A few reasons why I love Little Dragon:
    P.S – a thesis could definitely be written on why I love Little Dragon so much.

    1. Their ability to make me dance until I break my ankles (that’s actually a thing) when Precious, Pretty Girls, Brush the Heat, Shuffle a Dream and Underbart are in the mix. #fancyfootwork

    2. The fact that my boyfriend and I can drink beer and chill the heck out to Yukumi blessing us with Scribbled paper, Never Never and Please Turn. #youngloveisthebestlove

    3. Yukumi drops real chats. For instance: “Trickling coins, making the noise. Follow it blind follow the signs, why would want someone so vain stealing your soul making it rain” – Shuffle a dream
    I mean #feministsorrrmfing
    Do your thang girl and don’t be blinded by his trickling coins.

    4. “Was it the blue night gone fragile
    Was it about the men in wonder steady gone under. Was it the light ways so frightening. Was it a two wills one mirror holding us dearer now.”
    I mean ENOUGH said. I can’t listen to Twice with my eyes open because I completely immerse myself in the beauty of this song and so should everybody else.

    5. Stormy Weather literally reminds me of my girlfriends who live in Cape Town. Our favourite line will forever be “imagine us combined light up the room, electrify. Our love could be so divine”
    Ahh the power in that line. #sisterlylove

    6. The album Nabuma Rubberband is, for the most part, a different sound to what Little Dragon has previously blessed us with in the past but can we talk about the futuristic electric feels this album gives us?

    In Let Go she said “but this love is not for everyone and I’m just draggin’ along don’t want it ever to stop”. I am pretty sure she’s talking about the love I have for her.

    In Pretty Girls (which should be an anthem or sorts) she said “You magnify the universe grab your purse, grab your luck. Pretty girl, don’t get stuck”. Yaaaaaaas Yukimi yaaaaaas. Say that again.

    As you can gather I am literally obsessed with Little Dragon. I could literally go on and on about how and why I love them but that could get a little tedious. What I can do though is jam the hell out of life on the 17th of October to their performance. I’d love to win the double tickets. Pick me pick meeeeeee. I must admit, I’ve been quite unruly but that heart wants what the heart wants and my heart is dying for Little Dragon.

  • Sihle Sogaula
    Posted at 17:45h, 29 September Reply

    I found out about little dragon in my first year, probably the best thing to come out of my undergraduate career (they made dealing with deadlines and stressful nights cramming for tests a little less daunting – although that also could’ve possibly been because of the wine, lots of wine). When Nabuma Rubberband came out, my friends and I had a listening party – neither of us had heard the album before and we were all hearing it together for the first time. It was such a tender, intimate moment that I often find myself replaying (a room full of people that love each other that love little dragon, wow)

    also also also, I am a bit of a stan (low-key high-key) but a stan is a stan is a stan that deserves to win tickets to the little dragon concert. I will be there, basking in all my stan glory, vibing to the sounds of little dragon and trying really hard not to spontaneously combust because of sheer excitement (but if they perform shuffle a dream and/or Lurad+Nabuma Rubberband then someone will definitely be sweeping up my remains at the end of the night)

    YUKIMI (aka best friend, aka goddess of all things musical, aka soul-blessa FOR PRES!)

  • Slomokazi
    Posted at 11:06h, 02 October Reply

    The first time Little Dragon came to South Africa, I was still living in Durban and had just had a baby.
    Of course those were just administration issues that weren’t going to stop me – so I packed up the baby and a black leather skirt and came up to jhb. I remember the buzz on social media with people conflicted by the Talib vs Little Dragon. As if there was even a choice to be made. My people in jhb had a tix set aside for me and it was going to be like perfectly beautiful, plus I ant seen my connects for minute.
    I had arranged both my sisters to babysit and bond with their brand new niece and I was set to get my groove on like Stella. To, I was dressed, looking hella (if I say so myself), and was just about to step when my daughter woke up and like babies do – she cried for her mama. It was still early, I had time so I did my mama-duties and cuddled her, trying to put her back to sleep so I could sneak out. Tricky little person would hush in my arms and the minute I put her down, she’d start crying again. Even though she loves my sisters, that day she wasn’t having it. Like off all days! The saddest/funniest thing was the cry-stop game we had going, once I’d gotten her to be still, I’d gently hand her over to one of my sisters and baby would start crying all over again.
    Thing is, it’s hard to back out of plans when you’re leather clad and haven’t been dancing in months, but my heart wouldn’t let be great and I had to cancel the night out. That night, as I cuddled Zazi, sipping on a glass of wine – I whispered to her as she slept that that one day when she’ll be a teenager wanting to go out – I’ll remind her of how she made me miss Little Dragon when she was a few months old. Lol. Seriously though. Pick me and I can dance like a white girl to Pretty Girls – cause that’s what life should be about.

  • Erin Abrahams
    Posted at 01:17h, 03 October Reply

    I’m about to write an essay here, so prepare yourself! Believe it or not, the first time I heard a Little Dragon song, was when ‘Twice’ was featured on an episode of 90210 (the only true ultimate teenage series). Shazam was not in existence then, so I literally sat and typed into google, all the lyrics from that scene and discovered my new favorite band. I instantly fell in love with Little Dragon. This was 2010 & I was still in high school. No one I knew, was into them. They were kind of my little secret, you know? I loved that there was no one else to compare their sound to. Till this day they’re so adventurous and original with their musical choices. They’re a band who can whisk you away into your dreams, as well as have an epic dance battle to (their beats seem to envoke spastic movements from me – I can’t explain this).

    Anyway, when I heard they were making their way to SA I couldn’t contain myself. Just my luck, I was smack bang in the middle of matric exams and couldn’t persuade the rents to make my dreams come true (I’m hoping you can be my heroine in disguise). So unfortunately I missed my opportunity. Heartbroken.

    Since then, my love has only grown stronger and my absolute obsession with Yukimi and her angelic voice has gotten out of control. I’ve heard every song she’s ever made. I’m that person who downloads those bsides and live edits. I adore the vocals she did with the band Koop (who my dad now adores too) & don’t even get me started on her collab with the Gorrillaz! My two favorite voices all wrapped up into one dream of an album. In addition to all this greatness, Yukimi has some badass style choices, which just add to the insane quality of their live performances!

    I can go into major detail about each and every album and their musical progression but I’m sure you share the same adoration for this band as I do. I simply can’t write down my feelings for Little Dragon. When I see them live for the first time, the gigantic smile on my face will say it all!

    (Ps. This is a rad competition! Student budgets have me shedding those ‘Summertearz’).


  • Buntu Nogqala
    Posted at 06:24h, 03 October Reply

    You dude. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I’m going through right now as I’m typing this. I’m literally teary eyed and I’ve got that hard ball feeling on my throat that won’t go away. I have always been an indie music fan – I’m actually listening to Nabuma Rubberband as I type so imagine my shivers now- and have been boxed to your very popular indie band, which shan’t be mentioned here. I was visiting a friend in February and he’s been selling the Little Dragon dream to me and I was always on some child please tip. He made me listen to one song, just bone song and my life changed forever. I have been blinded by the Rubberbands and it’s Killing thus I refuse to Let Go of my Ritual Union with it. I’m floating on a Pink Cloud to Paris every time I’m surrounded by Blinking Pigs right After The Rain. I feel like a Precious Little Man.Twice removed. Please make my dream come true.

  • Ʒinhle Dhlamini
    Posted at 18:42h, 04 October Reply

    Although it will be after stressful test weeks and before stresful exam time comes around and it would be a good tome to have fun. Even if I had test I would be there! I love Little Dragon and yes like most people the song that made me fall in love was Twice but how greatful i was that this song would introduce me to a million other amazing songs.

    From After the Rain, Stormy Weather, Ritual Union, Constant Suprises…..I just could go on and on… Their music is absolute perfection, I literally get goosebumos whenever I hear a song featured in a movie Tv show I genuinely freak out! I would be super stoked to see them peform literallly !!!

    This would be an amazing experience and i am yet see an artist peform in Cape Town since I moved here ❤️❤️❤️ so please can choose me to feel all the feels for one night xx

  • Nadia Omar
    Posted at 20:33h, 04 October Reply

    back on you
    I fell flat on my face but didn’t lose
    Tell me where would I go
    Tell me what led you on I’d love to know

    Was it the blue night
    Gone fragile
    Was it about the men
    In wonder steady gone under
    Was it the light ways
    So frightening
    Was it a two wills
    One mirror holding us dearer now

    Thought I had an answer once
    But your random ways swept me along
    Colossal signs so I got lost
    With so many lovers singing soft

    Was it the blue night
    Gone fragile
    Was it about the men
    In wonder steady gone under
    Was it the light ways
    So frightening
    Was it a two wills
    One mirror holding us dearer now

  • Makhosazana Khosi Mbombo
    Posted at 14:39h, 05 October Reply

    Letter to Monday,

    Monday’s Track: “Infinite Love – Little Dragon”

    Dearest Monday,

    Where do I begin, to tell the story of how true a love can
    be? A true love story of how my true love came to me; my true love was that in
    the form of an ethereal sound, sounds so sweet and lyrics so soothing. My love was
    a band from the Nordic regions, a Swedish band that captured my heart many
    moons ago. A band that carried me through the trenches of life, walked with me
    during the happiest of times and continue to bring so much joy and sunshine to
    my days.

    To say that I am a fan of Little Dragon’s music is an
    understatement; but isn’t that the case with all who listen to their music,
    Monday? It’s almost cult-like, their electronic sound fused with multiple genres
    leaves one transfixed, traveling on a cosmic journey through time and space. I
    feel like I’m part and parcel of the band, family or kindred spirits speaking
    the same language so to say.

    With each band member holding a special spot in my heart,
    the band for me is like the “Diana Ross or Earth, Wind and Fire” of my parents
    generation. They are the ‘classic old school’ jams we’ll play for our children
    at family gatherings; as they cringingly watch us gyrate our hips, two step and
    nae nae across the living room reminiscing days gone by where songs like “Twice”
    and “Ritual Union” would resonate through the speakers on a Wednesday night out
    at the Living room or hot steamy sessions at the ever packed copper-coined Great
    Dane dance floor (oh the memories Monday!)

    Monday, I just feel like… no, I know that Little Dragon will
    be the backtrack playing throughout my wedding day footage, including a well
    choreographed First Dance to “Sunshine”
    as we all sing “You were my sunbeam, when skies are dark”!

    All their songs are the soundtrack to my life; why you ask
    Monday? Well because the type of love I have for them is “Infinite Love”; and Little
    Dragon continues to walk with me throughout the good and bad; they’re like my “Ride
    or Die”.

    I could go on about this infinite love; but for now all I can wish for is the opportunity to be united with my favourite band, Live! (I missed them the first time, and the aftermath was devastating).

    Yours faithfully,

    Littlemisskay (Makhosazana Mbombo

  • Atlegang Mosimanekgosi
    Posted at 16:10h, 05 October Reply

    I would like those double tickets because I love indie music and these awesome indie bands never make it to our shores. This is one of those rare opportunities that would leave me kicking myself like I did when I heard I missed their first performance in Jhb. So this would be a surprise concert to bae for the two year anniversary that we never really celebrated and I need to see people and do things that couples do and take a break from studying for 1 night. So Thithi choose me 🙂

  • Makhosazana Khosi Mbombo
    Posted at 02:14h, 07 October Reply

    | Letter to Tuesday |

    Tuesday’s Track: “Constant Surprises – Little Dragon”

    My beloved Tuesday ,

    It’s 23:19, I’ve only just settled in at home, and boy what a day it has been! But with cause in mind it is never too late to continue declaring my undying love for the ginger bearded wonder who sets fire to the black and white keys, to the graceful half-Japanese, half-Swedish humming bird, the ra-ta-tat-tater rhythmist of a drummer and the synth bass sounds of a hunk:)

    It felt like a Monday on a Tuesday to be honest with you Thititi, but I’m sure you know what kept me going through the long treacherous hours of ‘adulting’…The vibrating sounds of Yukimi, Erik, Fred and Håkan with their poetic words and playful funk; it really kept me sane, well partially.

    To add to the fact that I’m pretty confident that my life is one of the many intricate pieces to the puzzles that make up Little Dragons songs; today I was funny enough met with “Constant Surprises” and thankfully they were all very pleasant. Firstly I managed to score parking closest to my office today, I then ran into a new face I had hoped to one day meet (I kid you not, she waltzed through our office, almost like a specially delivered parcel placed on your porch!) and the cherry on top of all the surprises you ask? Was the fact the Little Dragon instagram’d a video of the “ginger bearded wonder” fast asleep on a couch as the afro beats of a song I cant say I’ve ever heard before, played as the backtrack with the caption “Dreaming about South Africa!!! Cant wait!!” If the fact that my favourite band’s announcement of their growing excitement to touch down on our fruitful soil isn’t sign enough then I don’t know… Coincidence? I think not:)

    Note, as I clear my throat and start singing:

    “Constant surprises
    Coming my way
    Some call it coincidence
    But I like to call it fate”

    All the above clearly show that with the performance drawing nigh, my days seem to bring me closer and closer to the conclusion that my presence at Little Dragons’ Live performance is fate, its like the gravitation of the moth to a flame or magnets drawn to one another by “The higher forces”.. Simply put ‘I like to call this fate’:)

    I really cannot think of a more fulfilling experience than for fate to put my best friend and I at the forefront of the stage; locked, mesmerised and captivated by a band that lets the music speak!

    I could go on once more, but lets save that for a letter to Wednesday:) For now all I can continue to wish for is the opportunity to be united with my favourite band, Live! (I missed them the first time, and the aftermath was devastating).

    ps. How awesome is their instagram account! I stay stalking them!!

    Sincerely yours ,Tuesday,

    Littlemisskay (Makhosazana Mbombo)

  • Thato Mokoatle
    Posted at 18:34h, 15 October Reply

    Hey, when are the winners being announced?

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