Passion Fruit & Gin Becos Summer

Passion Fruit CocktailPassion fruit or Granadilla is currently in season and besides all its nutritional value (rich source of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C), it is also pretty delicious mixer for gin, rum or vodka based cocktail drinks. As a fan of a good old fashioned gin & tonic with a slice of cucumber and if I’m feeling adventurous some muddled grapefruit, I was quite pleased to discover that the tangy yet sweet-flavour of the passion fruit works well with the herbal, piney qualities of gin. Passion Fruit & Gin is my new favourite cocktail.

So to make this really quick and easy summer drink, I made a passion fruit syrup by dissolving sugar in boiling water, adding grated ginger, squeezing lime and of course mixing in the passion fruit pulp and seeds into the sugar mixture to create a tangy, sour, but sweet syrup with a hint of ginger. I then mixed a double gin (because I had a long tiresome week) with a little bit of the syrup and some sparkling water, added ice and garnished with mint leaves and voila! Summer in a glass.


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