Calling All CuriousWearing all white from head to toe is for grown ups and I think I might finally be a grown up because I am finally willing to do what it takes to meander through an entire day in all white and stay clean. It has always been my opinion that wearing white from head to toe is for the kinds of people who consciously avoid hotdogs drenched in tomato sauce and mustard, give air kisses to avoid getting make up on their clothing and steer clear of children with dirty hands. In fact, grown ups don’t even wear white when they know they are going to be near children. Grown ups think before they wear all white from head to toe and I think I might finally be a grown up.

Due to the sweltering heat, simple white ensembles have been the order of the day when it comes to my summer wardrobe choices. However I do know myself and the standard simplicity of all white and its current “everybody is doing it” appeal won’t satisfy my curious approach to style for long, because “good style”  is not in my opinion achieved by homogenous dressing…FossilCalling All Curious

Fossil Calling all curious

Clothing Credits: White Dress from Forever 21 | Nike Air Force 1 Lows from Footlocker | Watch from Fossil at Watch Republic | Goliwood Cap from Dip Street Store

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

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