Sheer Black Evening

sheer detailsThis post is probably going to be filled with a lot of retractable comments and questions like “don’t you sometimes get tired of the little black dress?” As someone who has a wardrobe made up of lots of little black dresses, the LBD has become somewhat of a bore to me (retractable statement number 2). With there being so many events at this time of the year, getting dressed to attend an event that calls for some eveningwear styling would normally result in me picking out the effortless LBD and styling it up accordingly, but lately I find myself looking at all my little black dresses with derision (retractable statement number 3).  So, you can imagine that lately getting dressed to go out has become quite nightmarish for me (retractable statement number 4), simply because all I want to do is look nice and be comfortable; and the easiest way to achieve those two simple objectives is to wear a LBD, but I’m over my little black dresses (retractable statement number 5).

However, since I am currently not interested in my LBD’s, my current eveningwear look almost always features a pair of trousers. From culottes, to wide legged or palazzo pants, to peg legged; anything in the trouser department currently goes. In fact, anything masculine, suited and reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich’s style goes, like this look which is made (in all honestly) by this beaded sparkly sheer blouse I bought secondhand from Guard the Vintage because of how elegantly it makes a statement.
black evening look sheer detail sheer black 4 sheer details sheer black 6

Clothing Credits: Beaded blouse from Guard The Vintage | Black Pants from H&M | Heels  from Louis Vuitton

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

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