New York | Winter White

winter whiteMovies can be silly little things… I say this because as I was packing my suitcase for my trip to New York, I almost didn’t pack this outfit because of a quote I am almost certain I heard in a movie stating that one “can’t wear white after Labour Day.” In addition to that, when I wear all white, I seem to attract children with tomato sauce laden food, broken pens that leak buckets of ink, everyone I hug seems to use my white blazer or white shirt as means of make up removal and all I want to do is drink red wine in crowded areas where people bump into you. So, with all of this considered the thought of navigating my way through Manhattan in almost all white kind of scared me.

There is something about wearing white that makes one feel like spring is around the corner, that the sun is about to peak through the clouds and that blossoms are about to bloom. Wearing white in winter makes the chill slightly better because of this. The chill, if we are being honest, is also minimized by perfectly thought out layers. From the white and black checkered coat to the white and black woven G-Star RAW leather vest worn over a white shirt, this look is an example of what I like to call layered balance. As one peels off each layer there are several points of interest that, well… make each layer removal a well styled outfit. Something I reckon is pretty important when you live in a city that has a winter that forces you to be super warm outdoors because it is so cold your eye balls hurt, but well put together and stylish in temperature controlled indoor spaces.   winter white winter white winter white winter-white-5 winter white winter white

Clothing Credits: White & Black Coat from Woolworths | White Blazer from Witchery at Woolworths | Black & White Woven leather vest from G-Star RAW | White shirt from H&M | White Jeans from Mango | Cap from Goliwood at Dip Street | Pumps from Stuart Weitzman from Spitz

Photography by Paul WARD

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